In-Building Antennas and Components

The company, Shenglu, produces and supplies the in-building antenna distribution system with a suction cover, wall hanging, logarithmic cycles, Yagi, directional antenna, in building antennas components etc. Shenglu provides 800-2700MHz multi-band applications to meet multi-system requirements and also provides in building antennas components, directional antenna, and in building antenna of high quality. Multi-scene applications, support enhanced, special chamber antenna, compact and beautiful products. Low Intermodulation, High Power, LTE Support. Low intermodulation: - 85dBm, - 107dBm, - 110dBm (optional) The domestic market share of the chamber antenna is 70%.


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Guangdong Shenglu Telecommunication Tech. Co., Ltd

We provide customers with quality products and provide high-quality services


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